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20 Creative Ways to Decorate Wall Outlets

Have you ever looked at a power socket and noticed that it kind of looks like a funny little face that is trying to tell you something? Actually, you’re not that far off as a lot of people have already found ways to decorate their outlets with cool stickers and covers.

All in good fun, creative wall stickers and covers are a classy and great way to spice up a boring wall outlet. After all, they’re all over your house, so why not give your outlets some personality and spunk? Here are 20+ funny and creative wall outlet stickers and covers that wil make your guests do a double-take.

#1 @Ziemowit Maj

This adorable robot doesn’t seem too pleased about having to power up your sockets. Still you can’t help but smile watching its expression.

wall socket decorations
#2 @Ambiance

Nostalgia alert! Not all of us can be smart and cool like Dexter but hey, a spiffy outlet sticker doesn’t hurt.

wall socket decorations
#3 @Ziemowit Maj

This gives another meaning to the term ‘manpower’. Let’s hope he has enough to keep going.

wall socket decorations
#4 @StickThat

Now your outlet can be surprised and sophisticated with these cute mustache decals. Top hats, anyone?

wall socket decorations
#5 @Gama Go

Can’t stand looking at the pained expressions of your outlets like the one below? This bandage outlet cover should be able to ease some of the pain.

wall socket decorations
#6 @Hu2

And this is how electricity came to be! Okay, not exactly but it’s still informative and adorable.

wall socket decorations
#7 @Hu2

Don’t worry, this little guy has got your power supply covered. C’mon little hamster, you’re almost at full capacity!

wall socket decorations
#8 @Rytis Zaveckas

Nope, sadly this door does not lead to Wonderland. Well, not unless you think Wonderland means a working power socket.

wall socket decorations
#9 @Sluug

Hamsters are curious animals and it looks like this one got way more than he bargained for.

wall socket decorations
#10 @Sluug

Some squirrels steal your nuts, this one wants to steal your electricity.

wall socket decorations
#11 @Nendo

This is one way to utilize deer antlers; l’et them hold your phone up whilst charging.

wall socket decorations
#12 @Adrien Gardére

It’s amazing what careful placement and imagination can do.

wall socket decorations
#13 @Meridian Point

More functional than pretty, this hidden wall outlet will keep your valuables out of sight. Just don’t forget which outlet you installed it in.

wall socket decorations
#14 @verryberrysticker

This little robot wants to be your friend and power up your gadgets for you.

wall socket decorations
#15 @zhiyu&art decor

This is a clever and super cute option for those who want to make their day a little “brighter”.

wall socket decorations
#16 @Hu2

Looks like paper windmills can be put to good use after all. A creative way to keep the power flowing through your outlet .

wall socket decorations
#17 @Electric Sticker Co.

Is it your art that’s got him gasping? Who knows. But it sure is fun to look at.

wall socket decorations
#18 @Ambiance

A shockingly simple way to show the transition from rain to lightning.

wall socket decorations
#19 @Ambiance

Everybody in the house will be doing the Bartman with the addition of this sticker.

wall socket decorations
#20 @Ambiance

No need to call the hairdresser for this one. That hairdo looks fabulous as is.

wall socket decorations

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