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4-Step Method to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

The Atlanta Hawks came to LYFE Marketing with very specific objectives.

They wanted us to “make The Hawks a trending Twitter topic.”

And, they wanted to create “massive word-of-mouth surrounding Hawks basketball,” specifically on Twitter.

And we did just that.

We got #hawkstixgiveaway trending in a campaign we led for them…

…and we reached over 89,000 individual accounts on Twitter in the process.

Let’s take a look at another industry.

We helped this restaurant increase their Twitter followers by over 1,200, thus increasing their Twitter engagement as a result.

There are over 192 million daily active users on Twitter, and with the right Twitter engagement strategies, you could tap into that to help you:

  • find your target audience on the platform,
  • engage them, and eventually
  • convert them into customers.

So today, we’re sharing our 4-step method to help you increase your Twitter engagement.

Why Your Twitter Engagement Matters

As we said, there are close to 200 million active daily users on Twitter – not monthly, and not idle – daily and active.

But let’s look a little deeper than that.

twitter engagement

78% of Twitter users that follow small to medium-sized businesses say they will most likely retweet content from them.

And more than that, 93% of Twitter users that follow SMBs have plans to buy from them…

…while 68.7% are already customers who have previously purchased from the brand.

So why are we throwing all these statistics at you? To show you the bigger picture.

Followers lead to engagement, which leads to purchases, which leads to repeat purchases, or if you’re B2B, a higher retention rate.

In short, Twitter engagement matters.

So with that, let’s go ahead and get into our 4-step method to help you increase your Twitter engagement.

4-Step Method To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Step 1: Identify the top profiles in your space
Step 2: Outreach
Step 3: Giveaways
Step 4: Use polls

Step 1: Identify the top profiles in your space

If you’ve read our posts before, you’ve seen us talk about the importance of understanding your target audience.

Specifically, understanding their goals and pain points.

Now, we’ve talked about goals and pain points in several posts. We know we talk about it in our digital marketing for beginners post.

What we want to say is that you need to understand what motivates your audience to engage on Twitter.

This is so that you can adjust your Twitter strategy accordingly.

One way to do that is to look at the top profiles in your space.

Look at their tweets and determine any common denominators or patterns in the tweets that get the most engagement.

And for Twitter, engagement comes in the form of:

  • retweets,
  • replies, and
  • favorites.

When you’re looking for the top profiles in your industry, this can include both competitors…

…as well as inspo blog accounts or news accounts that are related to your industry.

You just want to find a few profiles that share your target audience, have a high follower count, and high engagement rate.

Scroll through their tweets, clicking on the ones with the most engagement as an indicator of the content topics that your target audience likes to see.

twitter engagement

The first step to getting good Twitter engagement is to produce content that your audience wants to engage with.

And, researching the top Twitter accounts in your niche is a great place to figure that out.

Step 2: Outreach

Now that you’ve found accounts where your target audience is engaging, engage with them there!

a. Engage in the conversation

For example, if you sell yoga leggings and you’re looking at this tweet from Athleta, you could also engage in the conversation supporting Simone Biles.

twitter engagement

You’re not outright selling yourself here, but it makes people in your target audience aware of your brand and account.

Plus, you’re engaging directly with people who have a history of engaging on Twitter, which means they’ll be more likely to engage with you.

b. Use relevant hashtags and keywords

Now, another more direct form of outreach that we have performed a lot for our clients is to find people using relevant hashtags and keywords.

For example, let’s say you sell a great hair product that helps people with their frizzy hair.

twitter engagement

You can either search the hashtag #frizzyhair and see what you come up with.

Or, you can go to the advanced search settings on Twitter and search it as a keyword.

With advanced search, you can ensure that a tweet must have all the words in a tweet (in any order or in the exact order you choose.)

From there, you can reply directly to people saying they struggle with frizzy hair and introduce them to your product as the solution!

c. Leverage Twitter trends

Just go to the Explore page, and click Trending. From there you can see all of the trending hashtags, keywords, and topics.

twitter engagement

You’ll want to see if there are any trending topics that are relevant to your industry and what you offer.

This allows you to take advantage of any keywords or hashtags that are already getting a lot of attention.

We like to just look through these before we wrap up any outreach efforts for the day to see if there’s anything we can engage with there.

Outreach overall is awesome for organic, direct Twitter engagement with your potential customers.

And, it is a great way to garner targeted brand awareness and engagement for your business on Twitter.

By the way, here are some tips on how to get more Twitter followers that you can read next.

Step #3: Giveaways

This is the strategy we used for the Hawks at the beginning of this post.

The premise is that you offer something of value for free to Twitter users in exchange for something from them in return.

Here are our 3 tips for hosting giveaways:

a. Make the prize something that’s relevant to your business.

In the case of the Hawks, they were giving away tickets to one of their games.

That giveaway would have really been less impactful if they were just giving away an Amazon gift card.

It’s because you want the people who partake in the giveaway to be relevant to your business as potential customers.

Choosing a prize that’s specific to the nature of your business is a great way to attract people who will follow you…

…and stick around long after the giveaway is over.

b. Create requirements for participants who want to enter the giveaway.

The requirements that we always suggest are to:

  • follow your account,
  • favorite your original tweet about the giveaway, and
  • have them make their own tweet using a specific hashtag you’ve created just for the giveaway, and tagging you to let people know they’ve entered.

For example, let’s say you own a car wash called Brandi’s Car Wash, and you’re giving away a free car wash.

The requirements for people to enter should be to:

  • follow your car wash account on Twitter,
  • favorite the tweet you made about the giveaway (which we would advise Pinning to your Twitter account to make it easy for people to find), and
  • having them tweet 1 reason why they love your car wash with the hashtag #BrandisCarWashGiveaway.

You’ll just want to look in advance to make sure you choose a hashtag that’s not already being used for something else.

c. When the giveaway is over and the winner has been chosen, let people know.

Unpin the tweet from the top of your page, reply to it with something that says “Update: Winner has been chosen!”

And then post a new tweet of when the next giveaway will be.

Let people know how often they can expect these giveaways from you. People appreciate organization.

Giveaways are always such a reliable way to drum up some Twitter engagement if you pick the right prize and deliver it to the right audience.

Here’s our post on ideas for an Instagram giveaway and contest that you might want to read as well.

Step 4: Use polls

People love answering questions, especially fun polls on social media.

twitter engagement

Just click the polls icon, think of a question that is relevant and engaging to both your business and your audience…

…and then you can enter up to 4 multiple choice options for them to choose from.

Then you can set the length for how long you want this poll to run, and you want to make sure it’s set so that everyone can reply.

Plus, beyond your audience loving polls, Twitter will love that you’re using polls as well!

Social media apps and their algorithms generally favor you the more you use different features within the app.

So you’re killing two birds with one stone by using polls.

Speaking of social media algorithms, read this post next if you want to learn more about Instagram algorithm hacks.

Final Takeaways

In addition to using polls, it’s also worth mentioning that you can simply ask questions in your regular tweets to generate more Twitter engagement.

Polls are great because they make it easy for people to answer with just one click.

But in the spirit of asking for as much Twitter engagement as possible, don’t be afraid to just include questions in your other tweets as well!

Getting people to reply back to your tweets is an effective step in moving them through your Twitter strategy and into the next piece of your marketing funnel.

Now here’s our Twitter marketing services to help you get better results with your Twitter marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact us today at 404-596-7925.

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