8 Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Bring You An ROI To Smile About

8 Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Bring You An ROI To Smile About

If you are a dentist, you may have found yourself searching for dental marketing ideas on Google.

A search that brings up millions of results, but each tell a different story.

There are many informative e-books, blog posts, and guides that provide information that you will need to market your dental practice.

But very few backed by actual experience. This is why we rolled up our sleeves and decided to share 8 dental marketing ideas that actually work.

Ones that we have effectively used to grow our client’s business.


If you want to help your dental practice grow, keep reading. This blog post is dedicated just to adding value to your practice. To empower you to feel confident enough to take your business to the next level.

Here are 8 practical dental marketing ideas that you can implement today.


1. Improve Your SEO to Help People Find Your Dental Practice on Google

Most individuals that are looking for a dentist will start with a simple Google search.

The higher you rank on this search, the higher your chances are of a user visiting your business website, and making an appointment.

There are both front end and back end ways to optimize your website for ranking higher on Google.

You must first help Google read and understand your website through on-page SEO

This may involve updating your website copy, headings, titles, speed, and much more.

Once you implement on-page SEO, you will need to start monthly SEO maintenance

Monthly SEO maintenance involves off-page tactics, such as increasing backlinks to your website and posting relevant content on social media that links to your website.

You should also keep a pulse on your website’s security, speed, and user-friendliness on a continuous basis. Google looks at these factors when ranking dental marketing websites, so make sure you pay close attention to this. 

In the dental marketing industry, where patients are regularly using search engines to research remedies, search engine optimization is extremely important.

If you can get your dental practice to rank higher on search engines through well planned SEO, you can count on ample free traffic to your website that will lead to appointments.

Talk to our SEO experts today to see how you can use this marketing tactic to increase your ROI.


2. Search Engine Marketing – Google’s Advertising Platform

Successful SEO implementation can take 6-12 months.

And if you’re like most dental practices, you need leads right now.

One way to start getting traffic immediately from Google is by using Google Ads.

It lets you identify what your potential patients are searching for online and then lets you target them with your ads.

As soon as they search a dentist, your ads can appear to target them. 


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These ads can be targeted to specific cities, zip codes, or areas in which your dental practice(s) is located.

Now we’ll be 100% honest with you.

Google Advertising is one the most popular dental marketing ideas for dentists.

With that being stated, competition is very high in Google Ads for dentists.

And as competition rises, the costs to advertise generally matches it.

But do not let this discourage you. The reason why there is so much competition for dentists on Google Ads is because it is working for the dentists that are using it. 

Dentists are growing their practices completely from Google Advertising. 

To utilize your advertising dollars, we recommend using a trusted dental advertising service.


3. Claim local business listings for your local dental business

How patients find their local dentists has massively changed.

It’s true that word of mouth is still as important to get new patients to your dental practice. But one other equally important aspect is having online visibility.

Where your consumers literally live. This makes it important to list your business on various online business listings.

By listings we mean to make an account on these platforms and update your profiles with the correct information. There are more than a dozen free business listings that you can take advantage of. Some of them include Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages Manta, Citysearch and so on.

Sure there are going to be some business listings that are going to be more important for a dental service but this is one of the most effective dental marketing ideas that to start off with. 

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4. Get more Patient Reviews

Reviews are another great way to attract and convert patients.

New patients are very skeptical of dentists. And your better believe that they are looking at your reviews to make a decision on using your practice to operate in their mouth.

So its best that you make a great first impression, which will influence their decision to book an appointment with you.

Studies have consistently stated that 90% of users rely on reviews of other customers before making their online purchase.

But let’s face it. Review management is difficult to do consistently and that’s why busy dental practitioners don’t even bother to understand the power of it. There are reputation management experts who can help. Other than making sure your business keeps getting reviews from customers, our team can highlight those positive reviews in ways that can bring more patients to your practice. 

Bonus Dental Marketing Idea: Best Smile Contest.

A little birdie told us about a dentist in Denver who rolled out a contest for all his patients called “Best Smiles.”

They picked five lucky winners from a drawing to get free cleaning for a year. To enter the contest, you simply have to leave a review online about the dental practice.

What a smart way to encourage patients to share a review after their experience. This tactic ruffled the social media feathers for the practice too. A point we will cover in our point below.

5. Manage your organic social media

Not only are patients looking at reviews, they are also looking at your social media channels.

They may take a look at your dental practice’s Facebook and Instagram page to learn more about the experience they may encounter there.

But impressing prospective patients isn’t the only benefit of social media, it also helps you build awareness, engagement, and trust amongst a brand new audience.

Market studies indicate that an average user spends close to two hours on Facebook, before telling their friends in person about something they would tweet about it on Twitter.

This is the power of social media. Can you imagine what you are missing if you aren’t making the right effort to connect with your audience on social media?

It is where your patients spend most of their time.

And managing your social media profiles does not have to be hard.

It is a sum of the little things you do on your social channels to make a connection with your users.

Right from posting meaningful content to discussing issues on online forums that adds value to potential and current patients.

Meaningful content may consist of providing tips on how to keep a bright smile, the importance of flossing regularly, and advice on choosing a dentist. 

Once you publish this content, focus on connecting it with the right people.

Build your followers, boost your posts, and maximize all outlets to build exposure for your dental practice.

Bonus Dental Marketing Idea: Photo Booth

Another birdie told us about a dentist in Florida who set up a photo booth for patients in his clinic.

After their dental appointment, patients were encouraged to take a photo with their brand new, whiter smile. 

Following this, they can then share these clicks on social media and with all their friends.

This was a smart way to get additional eyeballs through social media channels. Needless to say, this innovative tactic of using social media for marketing a dental practice was worth of a bonus mention.

social dental idea

PC: My Social Practice

6. Increase traffic by targeting new patients with paid social media advertising campaigns


Outside of building your social media presence, you can also run advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

Social media advertising allows you to target your potential patients with different ad formats on their favorite social channels.

To get started, you must first develop a compelling offer, such as a free guide or special promotion.

For example, your dental practice may solicit a 25% discount to check out the your dental clinic. Or a free eBook on the most effective ways to maintain a bright smile.

Then you need to develop compelling advertisements, and target them to your audience.

The targeting features within social media advertising is perhaps one of the most advantageous benefits of advertising on social media.

For example, you can target audiences based on the content they like, pages they follow, or certain online behaviors.

You can segment all different types of audiences and craft communication to them in a fun, engaging way. 

You can also build custom audiences with your current patients, and solicit to them to encourage them to book their next appointment.

With low cost per impressions and clicks that you can enjoy, for dentists, social media advertising continues to be one of the most effective advertising channels in terms of dental ROI.

7. Increase appointment bookings with email marketing

Email marketing for dentists is one the most important facets of dental marketing.

It invites new patients, engages current ones, and delights former patients to come back.

Email marketing is a great idea for dental practices wanting to increase their conversion rates.

For example, let’s say that 100 people downloaded your dental eBook about how to maintain a bright smile.

Because these individuals downloaded this eBook, they are likely interested in teeth whitening, which your practice offers.

Therefore, you can create a series of email newsletters to send to this specific audience to encourage them to book an appointment with your practice.

If your dental practice is not sending weekly emails to current, prior, and prospective customers, you’re missing out on revenue.

8. Use Blogging to create value for your potential patients.

Last but not least on this list of dental marketing ideas, is blogging.

Blogging serves one primary purpose for your dental practice – to increase website traffic and engagement. 

You can educate your audience on the benefits of routine dental maintenance, as well as the consequences that follow if they fail to maintain their dental hygiene.

For example, you might right a blog on the common causes or symptoms of gingivitis or other popular gum diseases. Anyone searching the Internet for content like this, and reading blogs like this, are likely in need of a dentist.

Covering topics like these can surely help get some extra visibility and traffic to your website. And eventually, lead to more appointments.

Start by identifying topics that relates to specific pain paints, challenges, and goals of your audience. And then write valuable blogs about those topics.

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Blogs and opinions online about dental practices are an important part of the buyer journey. And it is important enough not to be missed out on. Showcasing patient reviews, highlighting services that can cure their common pains or even new promotions can lead to them booking an appointment with you.

Now you tell us, what do you think would happen if your practice started to implement some of these dental marketing ideas?

How much different would your practice be? How many more customers would you have? How many more locations could you open?

dentist image

Every dental practice is unique with unique customers. And these ideas can help you run in the marketing world but a brief chat with us about your business can help you implement a concrete dental marketing plan. A tactical plan that can set your business apart from competitors in a way that you will no longer need to search the web for blogs, eBooks, or webinars to tell you how to grow your dental business.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your practice grow.

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