Best Attorney Websites That Generate Prospects & Clients

Best Attorney Websites That Generate Prospects & Clients

Why do I NEED to be one of the BEST Attorney Websites?

Whether you are a large or small law firm, you want to be up there with the best attorney websites.

Businesses that operate locally are not exempt from benefiting from an online presence. In fact, almost 40% of business done locally is preceded by a Google search from the customer. That’s a large share of your traffic! Especially for attorneys who rely on their public appearance and credibility, you don’t want your website to misrepresent you or bottleneck potential clients.

The best attorney websites are able to drive leads & conversions as well as:

  • Create a pipeline of clients aware of your service and credibility
  • Generate significant ROI
  • Captivate as well as educate your audience
  • Work for you after hours

Your website is your online ‘office,’ and it should be treated as an investment. If you think that your website may not be water tight, try out this free website analysis to give you the lowdown on potential weak points.

Otherwise, let’s get into some of the best attorney websites we have curated for your inspiration.

K Bennet Law

best attorney websites

best attorney websites

Let’s start off with K Bennet Law, a firm local to none other than Atlanta, GA, that specializes in trademark law and business strategy.

While law firms probably don’t see a majority of their clients from social media, it is always pertinent to include any accounts tied to you or your business if relevant. The client-lawyer relationship is very personal so including social media would be a great start for clients to get to know you.

This website has landed itself on our best attorney websites list because of its straightforward yet effective design. Outside of the social media links, and the chat box (which is a nice touch, especially for lawyers who typically charge for any amount of their time including questions), the page only has two other Calls-To-Action (CTA).

  • Learn About K Bennet Law
  • Let’s Chat About Your Brand

Attorney websites don’t need to have all the bells and whistles to be effective. You want customers to be able to easily find the door to step foot in. 

Odegard Law

best attorney websites

Being a law professional does not make you exempt from the creative commons either. Odegard law is an example of how simplistic yet creative design can be very effective. Lots of whitespace draws your eyes to what matters most, like the custom icons, and the concise text.

Know your audience.

Odegard Law is a law firm that specializes in consulting creative agencies, small businesses, and artists in New York. The minimalist design and primary color choices make this website more flavorful than your average firm which can be appreciated by their clients.

Another essential, quality of life feature that goes over most people’s heads is the non-fixed homepage.

What I mean is, you can scroll.

This is something that comes natural to people when they visit a website but is neglected by a ton of companies. It is essential to navigation and is often a better option than burying web pages behind menus. Odegard law still incorporates a menu, but as a quick jump feature to supplement scrolling.


best attorney websites

At first glance you can tell care went into crafting ACAPO’s website. The first thing you will probably notice is the secondary menu under the header with beautifully designed icons.

It may seem trivial, but custom icons emanate quality. And this is an infinitely better approach to hiding what clients are primarily looking for behind menus and your bio.

What ACAPO also does well is instead of using stock photos or a picture of your building, they incorporate case studies into their landing page. This is a more meaningful use of space and makes the website more information dense.

ACAPO also maintains a blog on what’s happening in the world of intellectual property law and news within their firm. Content marketing is perhaps one of the most effective strategies to drive organic traffic towards your business. Especially in highly professional field like law, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry does wonders for your credibility.

Many sites include blogs by default but do not regularly make content. If you are going to include it, have a release calendar or you will look like you aren’t on top of things.

People who thought they wouldn’t even need a lawyer may come across your content. They may know someone or may be a client in the future.

Content marketing is about putting your name and thoughts out there while also selling yourself before people need you. Take a second to read this article on what makes a successful content marketing strategy and what it can do for your business.


best attorney websites

Fasken gets a spot on the best attorney websites list for good reason. Their website embraces the technical side of an effective website by being incredibly responsive and quick loading.

The most notable thing to point out from their landing page aside from their clean design and color choices is the use of partner bios. Getting to see who you are working with is important. And establishing a ‘face to face’ approach right off the bat can influence clients the next time they need an attorney.

Arnold & Itkin Trial Lawyers

best attorney websites

Arnold & Itikin has found itself on our best attorney website not for the minimalist reasons of previous websites. This website takes the maximalist and bold approach which sets them apart from the rest.

To start, their website’s theme is consistent with their area of expertise, maritime law. They even have a moving water background which is a nice touch.

What stands out the most about this website is the bold statement ‘We’ve Won Billions of Dollars for our Clients’ followed by ‘Record Setting Verdicts for Our Clients’ and ‘Victories Against the Biggest Companies.’  This is an effective depart from the cliché, ‘We Have Your Back,’ or ‘We Fight for your Rights.’

Most clients are going to expect their attorney to ‘Fight for my Rights’ regardless.

YLAW Group

best attorney websites

YLAW is one of the premiere law firms of Vancouver and their website reflects it. This website incorporates strong design choices that we have discussed before like intuitive navigation, bold statements, and quality photography.

Because YLAW is hot in the press, they are able to boast the companies and publications they have been featured on. This level of brand awareness goes a long way in a reputation driven field like law.

To Wrap Up

I hope you have found inspiration from these best attorney websites and can apply what they’ve executed right to your own firm.

If think that your website might be a pain point for you law firm, don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals. Even the best attorney websites weren’t done without a helping hand, and we have helped many firms achieve their vision.

At LYFE Marketing, we offer a suite of industry-specific services to help your website shine, from SEO, to full service web design, to content creation, and even managing PPC campaigns. Doing it all in house can be expensive and time inefficient. Help us help you reach your goals.

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