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LinkedIn Marketing: Strategy for 2021 Growth

Today, we’re talking about LinkedIn marketing.

And yes, we’ve got some results.

Like our 2,904 followers on our company’s LinkedIn page.

linkedin marketing

Our 19K impressions we get every month.

linkedin marketing

Our 12,000+ clicks with LinkedIn ads.

linkedin marketing

So if you’re a business and you’re wondering if you can grow with a LinkedIn marketing strategy, then this post is for you.

Why Use LinkedIn For Your Business?

LinkedIn has a strong reputation for job searching and recruiting.

And that’s because the main differentiating feature of LinkedIn was the ability to post and review digital resumes.

In the beginning, LinkedIn users quickly got bored of their platform and left.

But what about today?

You may be wondering if LinkedIn can really help you get traffic, leads or sales?

Well in 2020, LinkedIn has evolved into an attractive marketing option with over 300 million active users.

They’ve updated their algorithms, added new features for long form content and started to focus more on posts.

And all these changes have convinced industry experts to share content, network and build their personal brands.

This in turn drives more professionals to stay on their platforms and engage with the content.

So LinkedIn definitely should be a respected marketing channel and can especially benefit B2B (or business-to-business) companies.

So we’re going to give you 3 simple steps for effective LinkedIn marketing.

  1. Take advantage
  2. Start creating content
  3. Boost your content

Okay, let’s get started with step number one.

3 Steps for Effective LinkedIn Marketing

Step 1: Take advantage

Today, LinkedIn is like what Facebook was in 2012.

You know the good ole days when all your fans would see all of your posts.

And today, organic reach is down on Facebook so you have to spend money to reach all your fans.

social media marketing trends

But on LinkedIn, there’s a rare opportunity to reach a lot of people for a fraction of the cost.

But listen, every social media platform goes through a period of monetization.

This means they will decline organic reach and start making companies pay more for the value.

It will happen. It always does.

It’s happening on Instagram right now.

So the most important advice today is to get started.

Don’t give yourself reasons to wait and miss out on this golden opportunity.

Step 2: Start creating content

One of the first questions that we often get is: “What should we post on LinkedIn?”

Well if you’re a B2B company then thought-leadership through content marketing should be your go-to move.

If you’re not sure what content marketing is then make sure you read this post on “What is Content Marketing”.

BuzzSumo analyzed 10 million articles on LinkedIn and found that headlines like:

  • The future of” “X ways to…
  • How to

…got the most shares on LinkedIn.

linkedin marketing

So, follow these headline strings and start writing down your unique opinions or thoughts.

The next question is.. how are you going to deliver this content?

Well you got options:

  • You can create simple text posts.
  • Maybe combine that with an image.
  • Or my personal favorite, use video .

Video helps you to establish a stronger connection with your audience.

Think of it like dating

You may meet someone online and send them messages, maybe even some of your best pictures…

But when you can talk to them then you have the opportunity to establish a much stronger connection.

Also, think about your favorite influencer or celebrity, we’re willing to bet that you connected with them over video or voice first.

Step 3: Boost your content


There are some people who will sell to dream if you create great content, you will go viral and people will be begging to work with you.

But the harsh reality is that, if no one knows about your content then no one will care.

Now whether your LinkedIn page is new or an existing one, it’s critical that you are trying to reach as many new people as possible.

So there is where LinkedIn ads come into play.

Now we know we said organic reach is great on LinkedIn, but that’s for existing fans.

You still have to hunt to find new ones.

So with LinkedIn ads, you have the ability to reach a very targeted audience.

linkedin ads

Alright, so since you’ve made this far, we’ve got two bonus tips for you.

Bonus Tips for Your LinkedIn Marketing

Tip #1: Future proof your strategy

Right now, a popular strategy for generation attention on LinkedIn is to send DMs.

DMs stands for Direct Messages.

And on LinkedIn you have the ability to direct message anyone.

In fact, direct messages are so popular that LinkedIn has even started monetizing message ads.

So sales people everywhere are using LinkedIn to message people.

It’s the perfect opportunity to put together your perfect 30 second sales pitch in written form to book a meeting.

We’re even using their messaging ad system for a few of our clients.

And they’re working!

At least for now.

The truth is these messages are being overdone and becoming less effective everyday.

And if these messages start being viewed as spam then it could possibly be a direct threat to LinkedIn’s user base.

So, they’ll likely put in new restrictions and start blocking automations.

So if this is one of the most reliable strategies then your business can crash… fast!

Instead, follow the tips in this post..

Focus on content.

Focus on brand.

And let the attention come to you.

This is a time tested strategy and will position you better for future changes.

Tip #2: Don’t overthink your content

content marketing types

Listen… We know you care a lot about your brand, your message and your personal reputation.

Don’t get caught in analysis, paralysis…

People who want to make sure everything is perfect.

Sometimes you just have to live with a couple mistakes in the grammar, the headers, the font size, the weather…

It’s okay.

Remember this is a golden opportunity.

So the name of the game is speed.

You just have to keep moving and keep pushing and live with a few mistakes.

Now, we’re not saying you should go out there and throw trash up.

But just remember that your intention matters more than being perfect.

Because we all can tolerate a few mistakes.

But no growth? Well, that’s just unacceptable.

Quick Recap

So in conclusion, we gave you 3 fire tips for LinkedIn marketing:

1. Take advantage before it’s too late
2. Start creating amazing B2B content
3. Use LinkedIn ads to boost your posts

And keep in mind those important tips at the end too.

If you need help with LinkedIn marketing, or digital marketing strategies in general, we’re just a call away! Get in touch with us here at 404-596-7925.

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